Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Doll Making

History of my doll making
first attempts include a mermaid from Wee Wonderfuls book  

A Merida doll for my daughter from this pattern.
Simplicity Pattern 2809-15'' Doll Clothes & 6 1/-One Size, , hi-res

I made a few LaLaloopsy doll clothes for the naked dolls we found at the thrift store

I made a nativity set from an old pattern i got from my aunt.

 My daughter Olivia fell in live with these mermaid dolls.

Reserved for Lynette Dyer
I wanted to get the pattern for this doll but the Gingermelon but she is closed right now and sold out of the doll.  I have been Pinning dolls for weeks and learning how to make them.  So I had to make up my own pattern.  She turned out pretty well I think. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Re- Glitter

 Livvy, my 4 year old Loves "sparkly" everything and when we found these shoes for $2 I had to get them.  I knew they would end up like this.  It took only an hour of use to confirm what I suspected the glitter wouldn't last.  I tried to fix them by painting the shoes with white glue and dusting with glitter but even though this lasted for a little longer it too has rubbed off.  Then today in pinterest I found this blog the post was titled "Glitter Everything" I had to check it out.  They suggested a mixture of Mod Podge and glitter.  It worked!  WE have glitter again.  The best part is that because the mod podge covers the glitter it won't rub off as easily.   My Sparkle Girl is so happy.

Project Day

 I have been meaning to try Smocking for a long time and with the upcoming pioneer activity it is a perfect excuse to make an Olivia dress with smocking.  I pinned this smocking tutorial months ago and here is the sleeve.  Dress coming soon.
 For the pioneer activity I decided I would lend out my burlap sacks.  Only problem I don't have any to lend.  Or I didn't until this morning.  I lined then with gingham and tagged them with a homemade stencil.  I think they turned out cute if not a little cheesy. 
 here's all 5
Did I show you I tagged my Van dorky hu?

Freezer paper T-Shirt

 Now that Eric's Birthday has passed I can post this project.  I have been waiting till I gave him this shirt so as not to spoil the surprise. I was inspired by this Bolg she has done lots of freezer paper stencils.  Then I found this lady who did almost this exact same T-shirt.  Confession I totally copied her.  Eric Loves the IT Crows too so it was perfect. 
The freezer paper worked so well Eric thought I ordered it online.  My one tip is to leave plenty of paper around your design so you don't accidentally paint off the paper, like I did above the the "E" in have.  Oh ya one other tip less is more when it comes to paint.  My orange TV looks way better than the lettering on the back  because I added a second coat of paint to the white letters.  I used regular craft paint on my T-shirt.  After heat setting it with the iron it washed just fine, so don't waist money with fancy paint. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

15 min Shirt Dress for $1

 I made the pattern for this dress from a shirt dress Livvy already had (navy on in the pic below) but you could just use any shirt that fits your child. I traced the sleeves and the bodice to make my pattern.. I traces them on the fold of my paper so I would have a full front/ back pattern piece since I would cut out the bodice flat.
 Position the pattern so it is centered on the existing center of the shirt.  I found it easier to fold up the collar.  
 Place the sleeve pattern on the finished edge of the sleeve so you can reuse the ribbing.
Now it is a cut little bodice and sleeves.  when you are done cutting of the bottom of the shirt save it for the skirt.  I got all my shirts at the thrift store for $1 or less.  When you picking a shirt just make sure it is long enough to be a dress by having your girl try it on.

yap its long enough. 

 I add a couple of lines of gathering stitches.  The shirt dress I copied had gathered sleeves and I like it.  Just a little feminine touch.

 I use my serger for this hole project but the nice thing about knit is that they don't fray.  You can use a straight stitch on a regular machine for this project as well.  You don't even have to worry about a stretch stitch for any of these seams.
I sew the sleeve on before the side seam.
 I was too lazy to change the thread in my sewing machine so I need to take out my gathering stitches.  If I skipped this step it might have been a 12min dress.
 Now sew the side seam and under arm.
 Lat step, the skirt.  I use the full width of the shirt to make the skirt.  I mark the center front and back and side.  Then pin these marks on the skirt to the corresponding marks on the bodice.  I divide each quarter skirt in to 3 pleats.  You can do more or less I liked the look of a 12 pleat skirt.  Pin it all in place and sew.
Some of the shirts I used where way to long and I had to cut the skirt piece shorter and some where just the right length.  Measure how long you want the skirt when your girl has the top part of the dress on.  ADD seam allowance but not any extra for a hem, remember we are reusing the bottom edge of the shirt and using the original hem. Your piece should be a rectangle piece. The shirt you are using may have kicks cut in the side hem or even have a slightly longer hem in the back.  I say use it as is.  I like the character ie I'm lazy and don't want to do any extra work I like that was a fast project, but it's up to you.

The finished product.  The Navy dress is the original.  Looks like I could have pressed them a little but my little girl is in one now and is headed out to dig in the dirt.  So I sat mah close enough.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cuff Links

I made Eric this thing... (what ever manly name you want to call it) for his cuff links that's a lot of button holes.

Shirt Dress Upcycle

 Last week Livvy was complaining because I wasn't letting her wear her Sunday dresses.  In my defense it was Wednesday and she wanted to go play in the mud.  That's my Livvy in a nut shell,  princess dress and gum boots.  I told her we could get her some more everyday dresses.  After that I was cleaning my sewing room and noticed these 2 golf shirts.  I got them at the thrift store with plans to  cut them up for a Valentines craft.  It is April so that didn't happen.  I thought maybe I can make Livvy a couple of dresses. 

The shirts are mens large.  I use a shirt dress she already had to make a pattern.  Tutorial on the  Pattern  I cut out the skirt along the bottom edge of the shirt so I didn't have to hem it.  I also cut out the sleeves so I could reuse the finished hem.  I was a little worried that the collar would look too big but it was cute.

 best part Livvy loves the two dresses.  I spent about $2 for the shirts.

5 month in 1 post

quilt therapy
After we moved to Alabama i found my self a little depressed.  Probably a combination of new place loneliness and postpartum.  I decided to get out of my funk by getting to know some people and finally getting back to my happy place, sewing.    So I started to have little parties for the little kids and invite everyone I could think of.  It was way out of my comfort zone but I pretended that I was actually a social person.  It worked and it turned out to be really fun.  I also stopped waiting for an occasion to make someone a quilt and just made a quilt for fun.  it was so much fun.  I didn't realize how much I missed sewing.  My kids where shocked when they asked who is this quilt for and I answered no one, just for me.  I hand quilted this one because I love the look but like every time I do I regret it about half way through,  then love it in the end.  I'm glad to report my funk is gone.  The key for me was looking outward and forgetting myself.

 Valentines:  I had fun with my cutting machine.

 Ambiguous project
 I made Livvy a quilt for her new room / guest room.  I have only made a queen sized quilt once before.  I have to give a thanks to my friend Sarah for helping me pick the binding fabric. I was stumped and she was a life saver and so fun to shop with.
 Asian inspired
 this quilt was a little hard to give away. 

 70's Dress
 I wanted to make Livvy something a little different.
Fun with vinyl
I needed a way to keep  Jake from steeling all of Ben's milk (Ben needs all the food he can get) Jake loves cars so hopefully this will help.